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WNBF Bodybuilding and Figure Championships

bodhi by anthony monetti presents
The Northeast America WNBF Bodybuilding and figure Championships on April 11, 2015

A little history for the folks who are not aware of my background.

I began weight training at the age of thirteen. My original goal was to get stronger and faster for baseball and football. Not long after I picked up my first dumbbell, I was instantly hooked on the artistic side of weight training; building my body to resemble a sculpture made of stone. The fact I felt and actually saw my muscles change their size and look was fascinating to me.

My original focus of getting  stronger and faster to enhance  my performance on the field  shifted to getting as big and  as defined as possible to become a bodybuilder on stage.

As a goal driven competitor by nature, I challenged myself to compete in a drug free competition at age 17. Those who are unclear as to what “Drug Free” means, let me briefly explain. A thorough polygraph test is administered to every athlete competing prior to stepping foot on stage for judging. The list of banned substances used for the Olympics is what we as drug free athletes are tested for. After the competition, all winners are subjected to a urinalysis to ensure integrity and standardization throughout the competition. Obviously, anyone using drugs to win a drug free competition lacks integrity and a chance to compete in the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Competition) for 7 years before re-qualifying.

For the banned substance list please reference visit this link 

Important Contest Info:

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Eligibility / Requirements 

Forms / Fees

Divisions / Judging

Drug Testing / Polygraph

Hair / Makeup


Competitor Checklist

Host Hotel

Results / Photos


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