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Bodhi Brief 11.2.16

WHAT’S NEW? New Products – Nutrabio: GET STACKED! Nutrabio coming to the bodhi studio soon! New Class – Nutrition 101: 4 Weeks to Eat Smart: Our four week program to eating smart. Want to know more? Email New Program– 6 Week Kettlebell Course: A six week program with trainer Joe. Intro to advanced moments and […]

Reading Food Labels

Reading food labels When eating healthy and losing weight reading food labels is crucial.  But the problem is that many food labels are misleading and can even be incorrect. But how do you know whats right and whats wrong? Here are some of the most common mistakes made when reading labels: Snack Packages:  Sometimes those […]

Stay On Track When Dining Out

This time of year  people tend to dine out a lot more than usual.  Maybe you are celebrating a graduation, a birthday, or an anniversary.  Or the kids sports are in full force and you are running from field to field all day; and in this case, who wants to get home late and have […]

Shakes for Weight Loss

Shakes for Weight Loss….A big topic of discussion lately are shakes: should I drink multiple shakes a day to lose weight? Not if you want the weight to stay off permanently!  Don’t get me wrong; shakes serve a purpose and can be beneficial for sure. Especially when you are in a hurry, not that hungry, […]

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