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full body strength and conditioning class

One of a kind full body strength and conditioning class at bodhi introduced; Ropes Straps and Chains. We don’t use machines, we create them. You already know we do things a bit differently than any other gym or health club around.  We work hard at making sure every workout you step into during any day […]

project my life – Gina

project my life = People inspiring people. We know Gina ran the US Marine Corps Marathon this past weekend and I had the privilege to witness a true transformation of mind body and spirit. If you have ever been to a marathon either by running it or supporting someone, you know how inspiring it is to watch […]

Romanian Deadlift exercise

The Romanian Dead Lift exercise also known as the RDL is one of my top six all time favorite exercises. I have been incorporating this exercise in my weekly weight training routine now for over 20 years and feel anyone can benefit from it regardless of age or gender. Obviously, modifications are necessary at times […]

300 dollar weight loss challenge

bodhi by anthony monetti’s first  300 dollar weight loss challenge. So, after a year of kick ass workouts and diligent (most of the time) meal planning Linda loses 72 lbs! WHOA! Some may be content with such an amazing body transformation, however when our members give us goals they become our goals. What was Linda’s […]

bodhi Kick Fit

bodhi Kick Fit with Coach Ashley! Want to reduce stress and relieve tension? Is there some pent up aggression you want to release? Try bodhi Kick Fit – A  kick boxing fitness program that will have you walking  away feeling lighter, both physically and mentally and with confidence to defend yourself if the need should […]

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