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Stock your freezer and fridge

Last week I spoke of our top 15 items essentials to all pantries.  So this week I want to carry that over to your freezer and fridge.  When life is busy and we cannot find the time to prepare fresh meals, we need to rely on prepared healthy foods that we can cook (or heat up) quickly.  Keeping a well stocked freezer and refrigerator can help to guarantee your success.  So lets take a look at your coaches must haves:

  • Chicken Sausages.  The greatest benefit of chicken sausages is that they are fully cooked and seasoned: no preparation required!  Just cut the package open and heat!  A link will usually give you about 10-15gr protein, 0-2gr carbs and 2-5gr fat.  My favorite brands are Wegmans  and Beliniski.  YUM!
  • Condiments like mustard, sriracha sauce, lite dressings are always key.  You can add them to any meal for that extra flavor.
  • Pre cut veggies.  If you love to have a little crunch for a snack, yet don’t feel like cutting up veggies, buy pre-cut veggies from the store.
  • Bagged salads.  Usually you can get bagged lettuce that has dressing and toppings all set up for you.  That can also be a quick grab and go item.
  • Hummus.  To add a little fat to your sandwich or your veggies, stock up on individual hummus cups.  You can get them from any grocery store, even Costco.  These are a much better option than the big tub because they are portioned out for you already AND you can quickly grab and throw into your lunch tote.  No measuring required!  Check out Sabra’s single serving cups.
  • Eggs!  Whether its Eggs or whites in a container, you cannot go wrong with these.  And if you have about 15 minutes, hard boil a dozen at a time for a little protein snack throughout the day.
  • Cheese.  Its always great to have variety of cheese: blocks, singles, and string cheese.
  • Yogurt.  Especially Greek Yogurt.  You will get a boost of protein by switching from the typical yogurt to Greek.
  • Milk or Milk Substitutes
  • Bread. I always keep these products in the fridge to preserve them a little longer.  If you are not going to be able to eat the whole loaf in a week, freeze half of it.  That way there isn’t any waste!
  • Frozen Veggies.  Yes I said FROZEN!  Frozen vegetables are great because they are grown, picked and frozen when they are at their prime.  Cut open the bag and heat up.  Simple!  Just make sure you are reading the label and there are not any additives.
  • Already Portioned Turkey Burgers.  Costco has these great Turkey Burgers in the Frozen Section. Cut open the bag and heat on a skillet for about 10 minutes.  You can cook several at once to cut down on your time spent in the kitchen.
  • Frozen Fruit!  Just like with frozen veggies, fruits are frozen at their prime, so they are still packed with great nutrition and vitamins.  Frozen fruit also gives you the option to have the fruits that aren’t necessarily in season.  Add into a smoothie, protein pancakes, or yogurt.
  • Frozen Ground Chicken…or any ground lean meat.  Ground is a great option because you can use it in stews, soups, burgers, sauces, or stir fries.

Now that you know how to stock your  freezer and fridge (oh yea…and pantry)…have fun shopping!

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