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Shakes for Weight Loss

Shakes for Weight Loss….A big topic of discussion lately are shakes: should I drink multiple shakes a day to lose weight?

Not if you want the weight to stay off permanently!  Don’t get me wrong; shakes serve a purpose and can be beneficial for sure. Especially when you are in a hurry, not that hungry, need to get your veggies or fruits in but cannot eat, or after your workout.  Yes, then shakes can help you.  But if you are looking to lose weight just by drinking shakes, then you MUST read this!

If you will be drinking shakes as meal replacements you must know that not all shakes are created equal. Just because you are drinking a fruit smoothie, does not mean that you are making the best nutritious choice.  Did you know that most 24-oz. fruit smoothies will contain about 300 to 400 calories with less than 5 g of protein and fat?  How about a smoothie from Smoothie King?  The advertised Almond Mocha High Protein Shake contains 42g carbs of which 37g are sugar??  That’s almost half of the recommended intake for most females 5’2-5’4 with an activity level of moderate!  And this is for one smoothie!!  Now imagine what you eat for the rest of the day….adds up huh?

So if you are thinking of having a shake as a meal replacement, here are some tips and things to pay attention to:

  • Be aware as to what is going into the shake; types and amounts of food.
  • Try to have a shake with Low Fat or Skim Milk (or almond milk for those who are milk free).
  • If you will be having a fruit smoothie, add some protein powder for a better balanced meal.  This will not only slow down the absorption and digestion of the fruit, but it will fill you up for longer too.  Try the Diet Doc Protein here at bodhi…it mixes great and tastes fantastic!
  • Be cautious of how much fat goes into your shake: if adding peanut butter or any oils, measure, measure, measure!!  Just because you cannot see it, does not mean its not there 😉
  • If you are running around and plan on having two shakes throughout the day, make sure they are both balanced and not too heavy in carbs.  And do not have them back to back.  You really want a solid, whole food meal in between the shakes.
  • Do not get in the mindset of skipping meals and going on a liquid diet.  That will only get you a short term result…and once you start eating again, chances are you are going to put back some of the weight that you just lost…so be cautious and mindful.
  • To reduce the amount of overall calories and sugar, use water as your base.
  • For more volume, add ice into the blender when making your smoothie.  This will make the shake’s consistency thick and more filling.

To sum it up, shakes can absolutely serve a purpose in your day to day.  But be careful as to not abuse them!

Happy Eating…or should I say drinking 🙂

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