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No Excuses: Snow Day At Home Workout

Snowed In? Try this 15 Minute Snow Day At-Home Workout

Don’t you just love New Jersey winters? One day is record high temperatures in the middle of February and then the next day, its inches of powdery white snow at your feet. While we do try our best at Bodhi to power through and keep our doors open, Mother Nature won this time and unfortunately all classes will be canceled today (Thursday 2/9/17). However, your Bodhi coaches still have your back and want to show you that even when you are at home you can still get a kick butt workout with ZERO equipment needed. Heck you can even do this in your PJs if you’d like!

Below is a quick 15 minute workout, consisting of all body weight exercises. Regardless of your fitness level, this is an excellent workout that will raise your heart rate and challenge your strength. Try your best to limit your rest and modify any exercises to fit your own needs.

Few tips on how to modify if required:

  • Can’t do a full pushup on your toes? Try going on your knees or stand on your toes and use a surface like a dining table or couch. You can always make a pushup harder or more difficult by playing around with the incline. Higher the incline = easier. Lower the incline= more challenging.
  • Have trouble squatting? Substitute air squats with glue bridges. Want to give yourself more of a challenge? Why don’t you try some jump squats instead.

Give yourself 15 minutes. Yes, ONLY 15 MINUTES and show yourselves you are stronger than any excuse you can think of. I know its tempting to stay on that couch and continue your Netflix binge but we promise you won’t regret it! Get up, get moving and have fun!

See you all tomorrow!



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