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Free Bike Giveaway

Free Bike Giveaway details:

So, I’m not sure how that spring has sprung just yet but its struggling and making an effort to give us a glimpse of warm weather. It’s inspiring enough for me to get my bike ready for some cycling and generous enough to give you a free bike to kickstart your warm weather outdoor adventures. Besides, don’t you want a custom bodhi bike that coach cheech approved?

We are giving you guys and gals plenty of opportunities to win, here they are:

  • 1 ticket = Every time you come in for a workout

 or for a nutrition consultation.
    Next to the scale on the shelf there is a bodhi jar and next to that there is raffle tickets and a pen. Kindly and with integrity of course write your name down and the date of your workout/nutrition consultation and throw it in the jar. Only one ticket per session.
  • 3 tickets = Leaving us a nice google review (ask us how)

. Once your review goes through we will throw 3 tickets in the jar with your name on them.
  • 5 tickets = refer a friend that joins. You know,  that friend or family member that would love to feel better, look better and that would fit perfect in our community? Yes! send them in! That will get you 5 tickets and of course  you will get $25 bodhi bucks referral bonus as well. Super sweet deal!

On Friday May 1, 2015 our coaching team will randomly select one winning ticket. Nice bike but not your size? That’s ok we have the receipt and you have the option to return it for a more fitting size.

Good deal? Awesome, get those workouts in and this cheech approved custom bodhi bike could be yours!


p.s. Don’t forget to follow us on instragram for other surprise ways to get more tickets to increase your winning chances!

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