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And some lucky bodhi member walks away with a brand new shwinn hybrid bike!

Who’s it going to be?
At our weekly team meeting this morning, coach Cheech got with coach Alex and picked a winner from the bodhi bucket jar of tickets. We’ll get in to that in a few, I wanted to take a few moments first to say how much we enjoyed this fun sweepstakes this past month.

We thought this like giveaway would be fun for a few reasons;



We hold you accountable. Every time you came in you had a chance to win something other than the most efficient workout possible, which is a given when you are a member. The amount of tickets in the jar, was super exciting for us coaches as it showed just how much work you had put in this month. Great work! It’s no wonder why you are so successful. 🙂

Google reviews.

You holding us accountable. As we read through the amazing reviews you had left for bodhi was quirt overwhelming, I even shed a few tears when reading them aloud to the team. I mean we take pride in what we do, and  every single day make it a goal to get better at our craft even if it’s just 1%. We focus on this so much that it just becomes who we are, a prideful, goal oriented, and hungry for improvement team. That being said, your reviews are proof that we have found our purpose in life, to inspire people to greatness. A huge Thank you for that!

Now, since this was just a great success it’s safe to safe we will be having one special and unique giveaway each month that will encompass the same entry details.

So, without further ado, the winner of the custom bodhi bike is… you think it was that easy? 🙂

check out a quick video from this morning’s team meeting over on our youtube page —> bodhi on youtube

Thank you!  and don’t forget about our next in-house running workshop on May 9,2015 at 12:30 details over here –> SEE bodhi RUN

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