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4 Reasons to Exercise While Pregnant

The Top 4 Reasons to Exercise While Pregnant

Staying Healthy for You and Your Growing Baby

Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most exciting times in any woman’s life. It can also be one of the most nerve-wracking times. For most, it is the first time they have to stop and take a deep look at their lifestyles. You ask yourselves “Am I doing the absolute best for myself and baby?” Now, while I myself haven’t yet been blessed with children (hopefully one day!) I have always been fascinated with this time in a women’s life. I have wanted to learn more about women’s health so that I can ensure my female clients are always prepared for each stage in life from before, during and after giving birth. For this reason, I recently completed my specialization in Pre & Post Natal Fitness.

Now I don’t know about you but I have a mother who can be “old school” at times in her thinking. When telling her about all the things I learned through my certification process, she was at times shocked and dismayed at the idea of working out while pregnant. However, this didn’t surprise me because she is not the only one to give me this type of response. Exercising while pregnant is still somewhat of a taboo subject. For many women, they believe that the moment they learn they are pregnant, they are to stop anything deemed “labor intensive.” This couldn’t be further from the truth and that is why I am so passionate about educating bodhi’s members that working out while pregnant is not only possible but beneficial for both themselves and their little growing baby.

While I could probably sit and write this for hours, giving you hundreds of reasons why you should exercise while pregnant, I’ll spare you the boredom and keep it short and sweet with my top 4 reasons why:

  1. Weighted Vest Effect

Imagine waking up in the morning and deciding you are going to wear a weighted vest for the following nine months. You decide that to keep it challenging you will keep it on at all times (showering/sleeping/walking the dog/coming to Bodhi Small Group Training class, etc.) and additionally add about a pound to the vest every 2 weeks. Now imagine those nine months have gone by and it is time to remove the vest. Think about how you would feel and how much easier your daily tasks will now appear with the vest gone. This is what pregnancy can do for moms. It is an opportunity to grow in strength so that you can come out even stronger once your bundle of joy has been born.

  1. Healthier Babies

According to a research study, Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by Dr. James Clapp, he found that babies born to mothers who worked out while pregnant experienced the following:

  • Improved physical health scores when born
  • Increased intelligence scores
  • Fewer fetal Interventions
  • Fewer pregnancy complications
  • Improved nutrient/waste exchange while in womb
  1. Easier Labors

What if I could tell you that when it’s time for your baby to arrive, you may not need to use an epidural. For some, that might be a frightening idea but if working out while pregnant, you might be surprised to learn the need for pain relief can actually be decreased. Additionally to this benefit, it is also found that women who exercise while pregnant are at a decreased risk for Non-Surgical/Surgical Interventions and also overall spend less time in labor. I don’t know about you, but all these things sound pretty good to me!

  1. Fewer Pregnancy Discomforts (some embarrassing pregnancy problems explained)

Last of all, exercising while pregnant can help you maintain a healthy weight range while gaining. The standard weight gain for a normal healthy woman is anywhere between 25 to 35 pounds. Gaining weight can be a stressful time for many women. However, if continuing a proper exercise regime you can avoid going overboard, continue feeling great mentally, and can decrease the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes or preeclampsia.

Luckily, I have been granted the opportunity to train and educate one of my personal training clients, Laura Coble. Currently 38 weeks pregnant, Laura began training with me prior to becoming pregnant in February 2016. In the video below, you can see for yourself how well Laura is doing and still manage to kick some serious butt even with a baby in tow.


Pregnancy is not a disease and shouldn’t be viewed as one. Instead, this is a time in your life when you can be at your strongest. Of course, a few things may have to be modified and avoided but that doesn’t mean all is out of the question. Take this time for yourself and for your baby and make yourself the healthiest mama you can be. Not sure where to begin, stop into bodhi by anthony monetti and schedule a visit with me, Coach Mary, and I can show you how to make your next 9 months some of the best you’ve ever had!

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